More Evidence We Aren’t Living in “Post-Racial” America…

This was in my facebook feed this morning, and I was appalled to read about the blatant and harmful words people were spewing about this 11 year old little boy.

Here is the San Antonio news article about it.

Here are a few tweets from the blog I linked:




It really is embarrassing how ignorant and hateful people are. They should all be ashamed.

6 Things We Need To Start Teaching Boys In School

I saw this while browsing WordPress today. Love it. Great advice, pass it on!

Thought Catalog

1. Nothing compromises your sexuality except your sexuality.

I think that boys have gone for long enough with calling each other vicious names for showing the slightest display of femininity. There is nothing that stops a man from being at once attentive to his style or mannerisms and heterosexual, and there is nothing wrong with falling anywhere at all on the Gender Expression Spectrum. Sexuality is something that should be embraced the way it comes naturally to you, and not forced into these incredibly prescriptive boxes of domestic beer and grunting at football games. Perhaps this can involve some kind of class field trip, as anyone who has been to France or Italy can attest to the fact that just because a man likes his hair just so and his pocket square askew does not mean he can’t plow through some snatch with the best of them. (I’m so sorry…

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Men’s Role in the Fight Against Gendered Violence

This is a moving talk about men’s role in fighting gendered violence. I like that Dr. Katz makes a point to talk about the language we use when we are discussing violence against women and the challenge to all men to be allies by interrupting and challenging other men.

Watch and share with the men in your life.

Does Pro-Life = Increase in Single Mother Households?

We’ve all heard the Pro-life mantra that abortion is murder, killing an innocent child. There is also a large number of pro-life advocates that say pregnancy resulting from rape is still sacred life, and that the mother should carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption if she can’t raise the child. Teen pregnancy? Have the baby, give it up for adoption. This idealism sounds good amidst an argument about abortion, but what happens in practice? When a teen girl is pregnant, does the shame create more problems?

Some speculate that the shaming and rigorous arguments against abortion may be contributing to the high rate of single parent families. According to the authors of Red Families v. Blue Families: Legal Polarization and the Creation of Culture, there may be some link between anti-abortion stances and the increase in single parent families. In a recent Slate article, Cahn and Carbone state:

Researchers have considered many reasons for the rise in the nonmarital birthrate—the welfare state, the decline of morals, the increasing independence of women, even gay marriage. But one that people on neither the left nor the right talk about much is how it’s connected to abortion. The working class had long dealt with the inconvenient fact of an accidental pregnancy through the shotgun marriage. As blue-collar jobs paying a family wage have disappeared, however, so has early marriage. Women are then left with two choices: They can delay childbearing (which might entail getting an abortion at some point) until the right man comes along or get more comfortable with the idea of becoming single mothers. College-educated elites have endorsed the first option, but everyone else is drifting toward the second. In geographical regions and social classes where the stigma for having an abortion is high, the nonmarital birthrate is also high. Without really thinking about it or setting up any structures to support it, women in more conservative communities are raising children alone. This is a legacy the pro-life movement has not really grappled with.

Which I think is something worth considering. Add to this the fundamentalist view that premarital sex is wrong, abstinence is the only option which in turn feeds the implication that those having premarital sex are sinful, and promiscuous, creating a stigma for many young women who for one reason or another find themselves faced with an unplanned pregnancy. These attitudes contribute to a culture where young women are ostracized, creating an environment like the one in Elwood, Indiana, where a 13 year old girl has suffered harassment following a rape. This young lady has been called names like slut, has had her home vandalized and has suffered ongoing harassment as a result of her choice to continue the pregnancy that was a result of rape. She and her mother made a moral decision to keep the child as they oppose abortion.

Something’s gotta change.